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VAIL VR 1.0 Officially Launches with New Features 57

VAIL VR 1.0 Officially Launches with New Features

AEXLAB's VR Shooter Advances Beyond Early Access

Today, AEXLAB celebrates the official launch of VAIL VR 1.0, available on Steam VR and Meta Quest. This significant update transitions the game from early access to a full release, incorporating years of development and community feedback. VAIL VR is set in a futuristic Earth divided by two factions, offering a strategic multiplayer experience.

New Features and Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Quick Play matchmaking for immediate game entry.
  • A progression system from levels 0 to 50, rewarding players with weapons, sights, emblems, and exclusive skins.
  • Leaderboards and stats tracking for competitive play.
  • Four new weapons and an ammo pouch system for strategic depth.
  • New maps “Void” and “Atmos” introduce unique battle arenas.

AEXLAB extends its gratitude to the VAIL VR community for their pivotal role in shaping the game. The studio emphasizes its commitment to future updates and continuous improvement based on player feedback.

VAIL VR 1.0 is now available for $29.99, inviting new and returning players to explore its expanded universe and enhanced combat mechanics.

What are your impressions of VAIL VR 1.0’s new features and updates? Share your gameplay experiences and thoughts on the evolution from early access to full release in the comments below.

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