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VAIL VR Officially Launches, Ending Early Access Phase 57

VAIL VR Officially Launches, Ending Early Access Phase

Tactical VR Shooter VAIL VR Hits Meta Quest and Steam This February

AEXLAB announces the official release of VAIL VR, concluding its early access period, with the launch scheduled for February 15, 2024, on Meta Quest and Steam. This marks a significant milestone for the tactical VR shooter, introducing a futuristic narrative where players engage in strategic combat to shape humanity’s legacy.

VAIL VR, developed over seven years, aims to set new standards for tactical shooters within the VR domain. AEXLAB appreciates the community’s contributions throughout the early access phase, emphasizing that this release is just the beginning of the game’s evolving future.

VAIL VR Officially Launches, Ending Early Access Phase 61

The official launch ushers in a range of new content and features, including classic and innovative game modes, over 12 maps designed for varied tactical play, and a suite of enhancements aimed at enriching the player experience. The updates accompany a price adjustment to $29.99, reflecting the game’s expanded content and refined gameplay mechanics.

Key features with the launch include an advanced matchmaking system supporting cross-play, an in-game progression system, an expanded arsenal, new maps, revamped friend list and party capabilities, and comprehensive leaderboards and stats tracking.

VAIL VR Officially Launches, Ending Early Access Phase 63

In addition to the game update, VAIL VR’s official release coincides with the commencement of VRML’s first season, featuring a $10,000 prize pool, highlighting the game’s competitive potential.

Are you ready to dive into the evolved world of VAIL VR? Discuss your strategies, favorite maps, or ask questions about getting started in the comments below.

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