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VR roguelike shooter The Light Brigade announces massive update - Out Today! 59

VR roguelike shooter The Light Brigade announces massive update – Out Today!

VR Roguelike Shooter Gets Big Update!

We reviewed The Light Brigade, the VR roguelike shooter blending physics-based gunplay and light-fueled magic, quite favorably when it released, and now it has just rolled out a significant update. This update, available immediately, spans Steam VR, Quest 2, and PSVR 2 platforms. The new features include:

  • The Engineer: A new player class offering controllable drones.
  • The Breacher: A new class wielding shotguns, introduced by popular demand.
  • Tactical Boosts: Numerous new tactical items and power-ups, available both during runs and in-shop.
  • Enhanced Levels: Addition of hand-crafted levels interspersed with procedurally generated stages.
  • Shooting Range Mini-Game: Test your shooting skills.
  • Balancing and Fixes: Improvements for a better gaming experience.

You can watch the updated trailer here:

Game Overview:
Join The Light Brigade in its quest to bring back the Sun. Engage in gripping shootouts, master spells, and upgrade to face the roguelike challenges. As you advance, unlock diverse player classes and get hands-on with varied weapons and play styles.

Have you been playing The Light Brigade? Did you agree with our review? If you already have it, does this update make you want to get back into it? If not, does it make you want to give it a shot? Let us know in the comments!