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wands giveaway

Win a Copy of Wands for Quest!

[Competition Closed! The winner is being decided and will be sent a copy soon! A big thank you to everybody who participated!]

We haven’t done any giveaways on 6DOF Reviews before, because, frankly, we haven’t had anything to give away! But today, we’ve got an extra game code for Wands and you could be the lucky winner. We’ve had a lot of fun playing Wands and our full review is coming soon! It’s been very successful in the Oculus Store and is already in the third position right after Beat Saber (which only got dethroned last night by the sudden release of Vader Immortal: Episode II for which we should have a review ready later tonight!) –

wands giveaway

So here’s what we want you to do! Give us your best idea for a new spell in Wands! It could be trippy, it could be cool, it could just be funny! There are no rules, we’ll pick our favorite spells for a shortlist, and then pick a random winner from that shortlist and we’ll publish all the shortlisted spells here and let the developers of Wands, Cortopia Studios, take a look at it! Who knows, maybe your spell could inspire them and end up getting included in a future update!

If you wondering what spells already exist in the game, you can look at the current spell list at the Wands Wiki!

To keep all the spell suggestions in one place, only comments on this post will count and the deadline is Saturday 28th of September, at 12pm EST!

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Pearce Picard

A blue flaming skull

Nicolas Nico

Lemon flavoured electric ray


While I have never played wands I think they don’t have a spell like this. What if there was a spell that let you teleport or be super agility if you shot yourself with it? Or if there was any movement spells. And it would be cool if you shot yourself with it to do it because that would be a weird sensation. I fell like people could use it to do great trick shots, especially if there was a jump boost. So yeah that’s what I think, and BTW I’m Gatordude365 on reddit

S Ander

Spell that conjures different elemental wisps which spread out and will attack the enemy.

Dayvon Rose

A spell that allows you to hover around the arena for a bit. This allows you to gain a bit of freedom and the sense of being higher up than your opponent while also making you an easier target.


A Sheepshooter. It shoots sheep at the enemies.

Chris Edgar

A spell that causes a visual impairment to your opponent. Maybe it would summon a squid that shoots ink at your opponent’s screen and blocks their vision for a short period of time.


Hi Chris! Contact us please 🙂


How about a spell that drops an invisible barrier around an enemy that reflects his or her spell back on him or her?


A spell that creates a giant ball of energy that can be manipulated with the wand for 2-3+ hits on enemies!


A spell that will wololo the opponent


A spell that shatters your opponents wand for a short spell…..?


What about a spell that warps your opponent’s vision slightly to make it harder for them to aim their next spell?


A spell that lets you haunt your opponent and actually speak into their headset or manipulate their vision.

Swag Frag

A banana wand that cast a banana float shield for a short period of time and reflects back quarter damage.

collin stilwell

A spell that creates illusions that can trick your opponents. Like a fake avatar is summoned that “might” shoot someone, but really just serves as a distraction


That’s a great idea, but it’s so great they’ve already done it! Try again! For a full list of existing spells, check the Wands Wiki @


How about a spell which you take the appearance of John Carmack and are able to summon creatures from Doom.


Laser vision spell


I haven’t played the game yet, so not quite sure how these work yet. Would love to check it out, though!
My spell idea: Drunkvision! All visuals get a blurry tracer effect and there’s a slight desync between player’s movement and in-game reaction.
My reddit name: u/hcatch


My idea for a spell that can be used in Wands is slow-moving glasslike barrier that is ejected out from the wand. It can be used to protect yourself, deflect incoming attacks, or even act to confuse the enemy with tricks and illusions.
I love the idea for Wands, I’m glad I can participate in this! 🙂


Empowerment spell:
For a limited time, any other spell casted fires twice in a row (but with doubled cooldown)

Tal Munch

Wall of waves:
Casts a giant sea wave wall that blocks damage coming your way, then unleashed upon your enemy for damage!

Nathan Sharp

Invisibility Orb (Defensive Spell) – makes it so enemies can’t see you for a period of time. Hits from enemies still do damage though, and you can still cast spells.

Adam Hillenburg

Summon imps to claw at opponents

Mike von Matterhorn

You can cast your Shield of Light while you cast FROSTSHOCK. Who needs Lightning Strike when you can cast FROSTSHOCK! Or hell why dont you sell your wand while you cast FROSTSHOCK!

Nick Guidry

Cyclone, calls down a powerful cone of wind to incapacitate an enemy for X seconds.

Jesse Moya

Anima – turns you into a cat or dog. Maybe a bunny


Quick thank you to everybody who participated! We’ve got some great (and some hilarious suggestions), we picked our favorite ones, and then randomly picked a winner, and it’s Chris Edgar! We’re also sending all the best ones to Cortopia Studios, and if any of them ever get made, we’ll find some way to award whoever suggested them!