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YUKI's Mixed Reality MRcade comes to Meta Quest Store on October 12! 61

YUKI’s Mixed Reality MRcade comes to Meta Quest Store on October 12!

YUKI Gets MR Mode on Quest 3

Emmy Award-winning VR studio ARVORE revealed that a new mixed reality mode, known as MRcade, will be introduced to their celebrated game YUKI. The feature is slated for release on October 12, 2023, in conjunction with the much-anticipated launch of the Meta Quest 3 headset.

Fans of YUKI can look forward to a more dynamic and immersive gaming experience, thanks to the introduction of MRcade mode. This new mode aims to significantly extend the player’s range of movements, requiring mastery of body movement and tactical mobility to effectively deal with new threats that can now approach from virtually any angle. In this new mixed reality layer, obstacles and enemies enter the player’s room, coming from all directions—up, down, front, and back.

YUKI, already a blend of bullet hell and roguelike elements, will introduce MRcade Mode as a free update to those who own the base game. Currently available for $19.99 USD or EUR, the base game has already garnered a strong fan following, which is likely to expand with the addition of this cutting-edge feature.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

MRcade mode challenges players to battle an alien invasion within their own living spaces, transforming their homes into cosmic battlefields. Using their hands, players can punch enemies and navigate around an array of bullets and obstacles. With 360-degree spatial awareness, the mode aims to create a more engaging and strategically demanding gameplay experience.

Additional Modes

Beyond the MRcade mode, YUKI offers two additional gameplay modes:

  • Patrol Mode: This story-driven mode immerses players into the whimsical imagination of a child flying through multi-dimensional worlds. Players can collect power-ups to strengthen their avatar as new levels introduce more surprises.
  • Endless Mode: Designed for those who seek relentless action, this mode features never-ending hordes of enemies. Players strive to achieve higher and higher scores to claim a spot on the Global Leaderboard.

YUKI’s Creative Director, Kako, expressed excitement over the release of MRcade Mode, stating that 360-degree gameplay was a dream the development team had harbored since 2020. According to Kako, the new MRcade mode is a fresh approach to YUKI, enabling players to experience the game in their own spaces like never before.


Established as a force in the XR industry, ARVORE has earned several accolades for its work, including a 2020 Primetime Emmy Award and the 2023 Best VR/XR Game Award at BIG Festival. The studio is known for other successful projects like ‘The Line’, and the ‘Pixel Ripped’ series.


YUKI’s MRcade Mode will be available for download from the Meta Quest Store beginning October 12.