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Resist | Review 63
When it comes down to it, though, Resist is really all about the freedom to swing through an impressively proportioned open-world city while living out your most heartfelt Spiderman fantasies.
Blade & Sorcery: Nomad | Review 69
Upon entering the world of Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, it becomes quickly apparent what you're there for. Not because the tutorial focuses on the combat (mainly because there isn't one), but because there is borderline nothing else to do.
Unplugged | Review 71
Unplugged is fun to play, and an oasis for Quest players tired of EDM-based rhythm games. It proves hand tracking is viable but is held back by some design choices and a juvenile presentation.
It Lives!
Resident Evil 4 | Review 73
Every scene in Resident Evil 4 has been rethought by perceptive, talented people with enough respect and love for the original to make sure it comes to Quest in its best light.
Spacefolk City | Review 75
In the simplest terms, Spacefolk City is a City builder designed from the ground up for VR. You will need to harvest resources, build structures and monitor your populations' happiness to progress.
Clash of Chefs | Review 79
Clash of Chefs VR is as straightforward in its concept as a cooking game can be. The player embodies a floating set of hands positioned in a busy kitchen, surrounded by all the ingredients and equipment needed to create a range of meals and side dishes.
Beat Arena | Review 81
Interestingly, Beat Arena includes music from Konami's library of classic arcade games. Knowing this, I was excited to see how they had arranged the soundtracks for titles like Gradius, Lifeforce, or Scramble for this gameplay format.
Hyper Dash | Review 83
Hyper Dash is suitable for most VR users. It relies little on smooth locomotion and primarily uses dash teleportation and an on-rail movement system.