Myst | Review 65
In Myst, there are locations to explore, books to read and switches and levers to pull, all opening up more of the same and revealing greater mysteries.
Tsuro | Review 67
Whether you're familiar with Tsuro or not, you will likely find it easy to jump right in, with the simplistic controls and gameplay being quick to grasp.
Red Pill
Rez Infinite | Review 77
The setting for Rez Infinite is a perfect fit for VR. The game tasks players to fly through this virtual space destroying the nefarious viral infection.
Quest 2: A VR Veteran's Take | Review 79
It was fairly evident that the Oculus Quest 2 would be a no-brainer first-day purchase for me. However, I was aware of some of the negatives pointed out by some of the lucky enough people to get early access to the new headset.