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Cubism | Review 59
After living on SideQuest for a while, minimalistic puzzler Cubism finally got its real launch on the Oculus Store. We like it.
Cook-Out | Review 61
Cook-Out is pretty much OverCooked! in VR and you can play it on the Oculus Quest, and while it may be a pretty good single-player game, it's a fantastic multiplayer game.
Onward 63
There are moments when you're creeping forward with some friends, checking those corners, acting as a team when there are glimmers of the game Onward should be, but these are swamped by all the mistakes and deficiencies present.
Supernatural | Review 65
When I was asked to review Supernatural, my editor informed me that the developer, Within, wanted reviewers to try the app for 30 days before making a final determination.
In Death: Unchained | Review 67
In Death: Unchained is the Quest iteration of one of PCVR's best-kept secrets. It's a spooky archery game that's been given a lick of paint and additional content and has shaken off its earthly cables.
Layers of Fear VR | Review 69
Layers of Fear VR is a mediocre port on Quest. It does provide a few scary moments, a clever premise, and good sound design, however, at least on the Oculus Quest, Layers of Fear VR is also low-resolution and uncomfortable to play.