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On Point
Holopoint 63
Holopoint is a real workout of a game. You need to be very active and have a large play space to even have a hope of getting past the first few waves.
Red Pill
Rez Infinite 65
The setting for Rez Infinite is a perfect fit for VR. The game tasks players to fly through this virtual space destroying the nefarious viral infection.
In Death: Unchained | Re-Reviewed 67
In Death: Unchained is the Quest iteration of one of PCVR's best-kept secrets. It's a spooky archery game that's been given a lick of paint and additional content and has shaken off its earthly cables.
Star Shaman 69
Star Shaman sees you take on the role of a mystical crusader battling to defeat the "Architects of Entropy" and thwart their attempts to homogenize life into static, geometric shapes.
Walkabout Mini Golf 71
The best aspect of this Walkabout Mini Golf is that it really makes you believe that the courses you're playing in could be digital recreations of real top-notch mini-golf courses.
Population: One 73
Population: One is one of the first games on the Oculus Quest platform to combine great graphics while making use of an original gesture-based control scheme. It really does feel like it's fully utilizing the Quest.
Space Channel 5 75
Space Channel 5: Kinda Funky News Flash! feels out of place in the Quest library. It contributes very little to an already crowded genre and yet manages to somehow underachieve in every conceivable way.
Hatsune Miku VR 77
One thing that makes Hatsune Miku VR a bit different is that you can't fail out of a stage. I tried. I stood there purposely with my hands behind my back the entire time and nadda.
Blaston 79
Like Ironlights, Blaston has found that slowing down the action is the key to unlocking accessible, tactical gameplay.
Solaris Offworld Combat 83
While the devs have stated that there is additional content on the horizon, the simple fact is that, at launch, Solaris Offworld Combat is shockingly absent the content and features that seem to be a prerequisite for the modern online FPS.