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I Expect You To Die 2 | Review 65
I Expect you to Die 2 is a sequel that seems to effortlessly continue from the groundwork laid down in the original. While it doesn't offer much that pushes the game beyond its predecessor, it doesn't fall behind it in any way.
Guardians VR | App Lab Review 69
The combat is fast and fun, and the strategic elements are light and engaging. While Guardians VR contains tactical components, make no mistake, this is an action game at heart.
Skybinder | App Lab Review 71
The difficulty curve is masterful. Skybinder handles the progress from the initial puzzles, made of less than a dozen dots, to those, later on, that use more than a hundred without a hitch.
Ice Cream
Pixel Ripped 1995 | Review 75
There are two worlds in Pixel Ripped 1995. One is the 'real' world of 1995, represented in cute 3D animated fashion, like an early Pixar production, and the other is the world of the game inside the game, Pixel Ripped.
Shooty Fruity | Review 77
Shooty Fruity puts you in the position of a new employee at Megamart, you're given a series of retail-related tasks and, of course, an industry-standard arsenal of weaponry and power-ups.
Traffic Jams | Review 79
Traffic Jams comes to Quest and brings cars, buses, pedestrians, comets, and shattering glass together as you try to direct traffic in various international cities.
Area Man Lives | Review 81
Area Man Lives offers an interesting concept, great voice actors, and a touching story but suffers significantly from some issues that could easily be remedied with updates.