Jurassic World Aftermath | Review 61
Jurassic World Aftermath is the latest videogame in a number of movie tie-ins. Like the later entries in the film series itself, most have eluded critical success but are pretty popular nonetheless.
Dash Dash World | Review 63
Dash Dash World is a light-hearted extravaganza of a racing game. Each of the 11 courses offers a highly stylised circuit to race around strewn with unique obstacles and an assortment of powerups.
Myst | Review 65
In Myst, there are locations to explore, books to read and switches and levers to pull, all opening up more of the same and revealing greater mysteries.
Above Average
Contractors VR | Review 69
It might have its feet in the real world, with grimy war-torn present-day environments and realistic weapons, but Contractors VR deliberately aims for a more immediate, Call of Duty-esque style of play.
Prison Boss VR | Review 71
Prison Boss VR starts off funny enough. The tutorial has you watching some black and white "movies" via projector, which will walk you through the basics of crafting contraband smokes.
AltDeus: Beyond Chronos | Review 73
AltDeus: Beyond Chronos sees the player embody the role of Lieutenant Chloe, a formidable pilot of the Makhia, giant mecha tasked with protecting humanity from the otherworldly threat of the Meteoras.
In Death: Unchained | Re-Reviewed 79
In Death: Unchained is the Quest iteration of one of PCVR's best-kept secrets. It's a spooky archery game that's been given a lick of paint and additional content and has shaken off its earthly cables.
Population: One | Review 81
Population: One is one of the first games on the Oculus Quest platform to combine great graphics while making use of an original gesture-based control scheme. It really does feel like it's fully utilizing the Quest.
Star Shaman | Review 83
Star Shaman sees you take on the role of a mystical crusader battling to defeat the "Architects of Entropy" and thwart their attempts to homogenize life into static, geometric shapes.