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AudioShield | Review 61
AudioShield does a lot of things right, and the most prominent feature, although it has some issues, is the automapping of your own music.
Tetris Effect | Review 63
Released at a perfect time, with many of us struggling with the confines and uncertainly of lockdown due to COVID-19, Tetris Effect offers up a transportive, accessible and all-consuming slice of puzzling.
Lies Beneath | Review 67
From the off, it's clear that Lies Beneath has a very polished presentation. Conveyed in a distinctive cel-shaded, comic-strip fashion, it uses the tropes and framing of a graphic novel to tell its narrative and justify its graphical style.
Freediver: Triton Down | Review 69
Freediver: Triton Down attempts something more than the usual 'watching a shark swim past the cage' experiences, offering an exciting narrative married to unique swimming locomotion.
Ice Cream
Pixel Ripped 1995 | Review 71
There are two worlds in Pixel Ripped 1995. One is the 'real' world of 1995, represented in cute 3D animated fashion, like an early Pixar production, and the other is the world of the game inside the game, Pixel Ripped.
Ironlights | Review 73
Ironlights brings many innovations to melee combats in virtual reality, but how well they work out is questionable. The ideas are bold, and there are several of them.
Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR | Review 75
Guns'n'Stories is mostly played from a fixed position and feels more like being designed for 3DOF use on devices like the Oculus Go. It's basically a wave shooter on rails without the rails, because you are tied down to one location per map.
OhShape | Review 81
With OhShape you make shapes to fit through holes in virtual walls, pluck coins out of mid-air, and punch through barriers while ducking and strafing to avoid obstacles!
Affected: The Manor | Review 83
Despite behaving more like an Oculus Go game, with its limited gameplay making it, essentially, an interactive 360-degree video, walking through the hauntingly hollow hallways of Affected: The Manor has you constantly on edge and ready to take flight if any of those statues so much as blink.