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racket fury

Racket Fury: Table Tennis | Review

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A Quick Aside

I hadn’t ever heard of Racket Fury, and when I found it on the Oculus store, it was on a whim. Boy, was I surprised! I initially bought my Oculus Quest because of Beat Saber. I’d been playing the game a lot on PSVR, and the game was helping me burn around 500 calories a game. It just so happens that Racket Fury: Table Tennis was my second purchase, and it was a very pleasant surprise!


The game feels like Table Tennis. It’s not just another video game ‘adaptation’ of Table Tennis, it pretty much is, miraculously enough, Table Tennis. At least to some guy like me who’s played some Table Tennis across the years, but would never claim to be a pro.

Your dominant hand is the racket hand, and the other hand gives you gameplay options and, more importantly, is your omnipresent ball dispenser.

Here’s the official trailer by Pixel Edge Games:

In ‘arcade’ mode, the physics are realistic but forgiving, but the game allows you to up the realism with the ‘Simulation’ mode. Here you can unleash the ping pong hero that you irresponsibly bragged that you were!

It’s worth noting that I’m aware of Eleven Table Tennis VR, but it’s not out on Quest yet and I haven’t played it. Eleven looks like it leans harder towards realistic simulation – so if you’re only getting one, you might want to wait for that to come out.

racket fury
It really does feel like you’re playing table tennis!

If you can’t wait, I assure you Racket Fury is a blast.

The graphics are pretty good, they’re simple, somewhat cartoony, but you can customize your own in-game avatar (seen by others in online multiplayer) with robot parts that you can buy with in-game credits that you earn in the single-player championship mode which serves as the game’s campaign.

racket fury
You’ll face lots of challenging opponents in the campaign!


Even without considering the relatively meager library the Quest still has, Racket Fury is a must-have title (at least until Eleven Table Tennis VR comes out) and will provide you, and any other casual players in the family, with a fantastic time.

This is really why the Quest is a perfect platform for this kind of game. This game isn’t so much a game’s game as it is like having your own portable table tennis..table (sorry, it was unavoidable!) that you can pop open and enjoy anytime.

Update: Racket Fury just got a major new physics update, making it far more realistic and providing a better multiplayer experience. Check out our news post for details!

racket fury
Racket Fury: Table Tennis
TLDR Summary
With great physics and a fantastic sense of presence, Racket Fury is your portable table tennis arcade!
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