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Tennis League VR | Review 59

Tennis League VR | Review

Tennis League VR Comes Smashing to Quest

Tennis League VR | Review 63
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April 20, 2023
Arcade, Casual, Sport
Arcade, Casual, Sport
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Packed with multiple game modes, customizable controls, and a charming art style, Tennis League VR delivers a pretty cool tennis game for both casual gamers and tennis enthusiasts. So, grab your racket and let’s check it out!


Tennis League VR boasts an impressive array of gameplay options that cater to a wide range of player preferences. The Career Mode eases you into the game with a gradual difficulty curve, allowing you to hone your skills and work your way up the tennis ranks. The comprehensive Training Mode is a standout feature, offering lessons on ground strokes, volleys, and serves. With a customizable ball cannon and engaging skill challenges, you’ll be able to practice and experiment at your own pace, free from the pressure of losing a match in career mode.

The game offers a 1-on-1 multiplayer mode, which also supports up to 8 spectators, giving it an interesting social angle. I haven’t tried much of that myself, though. I usually experience lag with multiplayer experiences and figured it would be problematic in a tennis game.

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The Droid Rush arcade mode tasks you with defending your base from incoming droids by hitting them with your tennis ball, providing an intense workout and a frantic, fast-paced challenge that left me sweating and made my arm sore.

Tennis League VR does a good job with control customization, allowing you to teleport or use analogue stick movement to navigate the court. It defaults to the teleportation option, but I was pleased to see that enabling free movement gave me the best of both worlds, allowing me to move by thumb stick when I wanted to, but still allowing me to teleport when I wanted to do that. The teleportation uses two buttons; A gets you to where the ball is heading, and B puts you up close against the net.

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For difficulty, players can switch between Arcade and Simulation modes, tailoring the gameplay experience to their preference for a more casual or realistic feel.

The overall tennis gameplay is satisfying and polished, with convincing physics that makes every swing and hit feel authentic. You can do top spins and backspins, and they act the way you’d expect them to. While I’m no tennis expert, Tennis League VR felt pretty convincing to me. The variety of game modes, coupled with the well-crafted tennis mechanics, make the game a lot of fun.


Tennis League VR sports an appealing art style that complements its gameplay quite well. The vibrant colors and cute character aesthetics create a welcoming atmosphere.

The game’s performance is flawless, with no jank or hiccups, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without any distractions. The courts and environments are well-designed if not plentiful, offering a variety of visually pleasing backdrops. Overall, Tennis League VR‘s visuals successfully balance style and performance.

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The sound design is well-executed, enhancing the immersive tennis experience. Each satisfying thwack of the ball against the racket feels authentic, drawing you deeper into the game. The game’s audio effectively adds to the game’s polished presentation, making you feel like you’re truly in the heat of a thrilling tennis match.


While Tennis League VR is a well-crafted and polished game, there are a couple of issues worth noting. Haptic feedback seems to be lacking, or perhaps it’s very weak. The sound effects are so good though, that I didn’t even notice this at first. However, I do feel that haptics could further enhance the immersion and satisfaction of hitting the ball during gameplay.

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Another issue is the constant display of the guardian on the floor. I understand that the developers are erring on the side of caution here, but an option to disable this feature would be a welcome addition, as it can be visually distracting.

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Despite these minor drawbacks, the game remains a solid and enjoyable game that offers plenty of fun for players seeking a virtual tennis experience.


Tennis League VR serves up an engaging, immersive, and entertaining virtual tennis experience that’s perfect for casual players and hardcore tennis fans alike. With polished visuals, diverse training modes, and the great droid rush mode, it sets itself apart as the best tennis game on Quest. So, if you’re ready to channel your inner Andre Agassi or Steffi Graf and embark on a virtual tennis journey, this game could be right up your alley. If you’re looking for a more casual gaming experience, with some tennis thrown in, check out Sports Scramble instead!

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Tennis League VR
TLDR : Summary
Tennis League VR serves up an engaging, immersive, and entertaining virtual tennis experience that's perfect for casual players and hardcore tennis fans alike.
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