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Joyhub Carrying Case

Joyhub Carrying Case | Review

Eager to share the magic of VR with your out-of-town friends and relatives on your next visit? Want to send an elderly grandparent into shock with Dreadhalls? (Note: Please don’t do this.) Need to fit in a Beat Saber workout before the big business meeting? Break into an abandoned warehouse for room-scale SuperHot VR? Whatever your intentions, good or bad, for traveling with your Oculus Quest, you’ll need something sturdy to keep it in. You have several options available, and the Joyhub Carrying Case for Oculus Quest is certainly… one of them.

It’s a total no-frills hard case, with barely enough room for your headset, controllers, and a small bag for cables or batteries.

joyhub carrying case review

This case feels sturdy, with a gray fabric covering nondescript enough that it probably won’t arouse a thief’s attention at the airport. When closed, it looks like a chunky makeup case or perhaps a case for a tiny french horn. There’s no additional padding inside, but the snug fit means your gear won’t move around much during ordinary travel.

joyhub carrying case review

It’s such a tight fit that you have to pull the straps all the way in on your Quest headset for it to fit the confines of the case. This means it’s not a great choice for regular storage around the house, and you’ll have to readjust the straps every time you take it out. The controllers stand up vertically and are secured by an attached strap inside, which is a pretty compact design that will save you a few inches when you load this into your plane’s overhead compartment.

Other carrying cases available online come with foam padding and zippered pouches, so don’t expect any of those fancy bells and whistles with this model. But the price is right— the Joyhub case is $22.99 on Amazon. By comparison, the official carrying case from Oculus is equally barebones, with a much flimsier wrist strap instead of a nice luggage strap, at a higher cost of $40.

Feel free to think of the Joyhub case as the cheaper, less deluxe option. It does the job of helping you get your Quest from point A to point B without much likelihood of eyepiece scratches. It’s not as slick and professional-looking as other options out there, but the few bucks you spare will let you grab an extra game or two instead.

Joyhub Carrying Case
Joyhub Carrying Case
TLDR : Summary
This no-frills carrying case is bland and nondescript, but it gets the job done for a low price.
Ease of Use
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Low price
Sturdy exterior
Snug fit
No extra frills like padding or zippered pouches
Headset straps need to be pulled all the way in to fit
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Bertrand Riviere

It looks pretty tightly packed. Do you think it’d fit the Elite Strap or a Frankenquest setup?