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Asgard's Wrath 2 | Review 59
AW2 is an action RPG with a divine twist. In the aftermath of AW, you're now a god of sorts, and you get to inhabit earthly heroes as you go about the business of finding and defeating the Norse trickster God Loki.
Arizona Sunshine 2 | Review 61
I had a fantastic time with Arizona Sunshine 2. It's a sequel that surpasses the original in every conceivable way, setting a new standard for single-player narrative-driven campaigns in VR, especially on Quest and PSVR2.
Stride: Fates | Review 65
Stride: Fates is the closest you'll get to Mirror's Edge on standalone VR, but it's nowhere near as polished and perhaps should have stayed in the oven just a little bit longer.
Hellsweeper VR | Review 67
Where Hellsweeper VR really excels, and I cannot stress this enough, is in the systems-based approach to game mechanics. Like something out of a Nintendo flagship, you can come up with all kinds of crazy combinations and things to try out.
Synapse | Review 73
Synapse is an incredibly well-built VR action game for PSVR2, and a ridiculously easy game to recommend to any action or shooter fans.
Eye of the Temple | Review 77
Eye of the Temple is an immersive puzzler that perhaps relies a bit too heavily on its locomotion system to keep you entertained. It's rewarding, but brief, and could have used more variety.