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Espire 1: VR Operative Aims to Deliver Definitive VR Stealth Experience in 2019 - Tripwire Interactive Partners with Digital Lode to Publish New VR Game with “VR within VR” Movement System that Kills Motion Sickness.
Moss | Review 71
Quill, the main character in Moss, is an incredible creation. Her animation is wonderful, and controlling her is a delight. Does the rest of Moss stack up?
Tarzan VR | Review 73
Tarzan VR promises many things. It promises that you'll play as the titular character. It promises that you'll swing on vines, swim, climb trees, and fight your way through three episodes of the game.
Cosmonious High | Review 77
In Cosmonious High, the player, usually referred to by some variation of 'New kid', is the first enrollee from the 'Prismi' species at the eponymous intergalactic institution.