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Slightly Fishy
Another Fisherman's Tale | Review 61
Another Fisherman's Tale is an original game with a lot of heart, and some things about it will make you smile. Narrative stodge and unwieldy storytelling get in the way of both the gameplay and the tale it's actually trying to tell.
Clash of Chefs Meta Quest Review
Clash of Chefs VR is as straightforward in its concept as a cooking game can be. The player embodies a floating set of hands positioned in a busy kitchen, surrounded by all the ingredients and equipment needed to create a range of meals and side dishes.
Cook-Out | Review 63
Cook-Out is pretty much OverCooked! in VR and you can play it on the Oculus Quest, and while it may be a pretty good single-player game, it's a fantastic multiplayer game.
Fail Factory | Review 67
What's most surprising about Fail Factory, apart from the general air of quality that the game exudes, is the way the difficulty fairly but comprehensively increases as you progress.
Gadgeteer | Review 69
Gadgeteer puts you in the shoes of someone who's recently moved into a modestly pleasant apartment and likes arsing about with marbles and dominoes.
Ghost Giant | Review 71
In Ghost Giant, possibly more than any other game on the Quest to date save Shadow Point, the inquisitive revelation of the narrative is the whole experience.
Half + Half | Review 73
In a world where cyberspace brings out the worst in people, the world that developers Normal try to bring you into could be a tempting one if it wasn't so frustrating.