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Inverse | Review 61
Inverse is an excellent, well made and polished experience that should provide hours of enjoyment for fans of the genre. 
Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire | Review 63
Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire is a solid new title from Schell Games. While not as deep as their I Expect You to Die installments, it's fun and offers a nicely spooky and tactile VR experience well-suited to both VR veterans and VR newbies.
Affected: The Manor | Review 65
Despite behaving more like an Oculus Go game, with its limited gameplay making it, essentially, an interactive 360-degree video, walking through the hauntingly hollow hallways of Affected: The Manor has you constantly on edge and ready to take flight if any of those statues so much as blink.
In Death: Unchained | Re-Reviewed 69
In Death: Unchained is the Quest iteration of one of PCVR's best-kept secrets. It's a spooky archery game that's been given a lick of paint and additional content and has shaken off its earthly cables.
Layers of Fear VR | Review 75
Layers of Fear VR is a mediocre port on Quest. It does provide a few scary moments, a clever premise, and good sound design, however, at least on the Oculus Quest, Layers of Fear VR is also low-resolution and uncomfortable to play.
Crashland | Review 77
Crashland takes the wave shooter's timeless VR trope and fills it with so much style and substance that it feels almost ready to burst.