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Humanity | Review 59
Humanity is a cryptic puzzler with a lot of atmosphere, a great set of evolving mechanics, and a wealth of levels and challenges.
I Expect You to Die 3 | Review 71
There's not much more I can say about I Expect You To Die 3 without spoiling something. And there's very little I feel I can criticise about it, because it does everything it sets out to do with style and finesse.
Eye of the Temple | Review 75
Eye of the Temple is an immersive puzzler that perhaps relies a bit too heavily on its locomotion system to keep you entertained. It's rewarding, but brief, and could have used more variety.
Slightly Fishy
Another Fisherman's Tale | Review 77
Another Fisherman's Tale is an original game with a lot of heart, and some things about it will make you smile. Narrative stodge and unwieldy storytelling get in the way of both the gameplay and the tale it's actually trying to tell.
Silhouette | Review 79
Priced at just $9.99, Silhouette will keep you busy for 3–4 hours, more or less, even if some of that time is wasted on occasional hand-tracking issues.
linelight - meta quest puzzler
Linelight is a deceptively simple puzzler that comes in a tiny package at only 250 megabytes. It features around 200 mini-puzzles spread across six levels and, as it says on the figurative 'tin', movement is your only interaction.