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The Last Clockwinder Meta Quest Review
With great core mechanics, a fun concept, and a great art style, The Last Clockwinder is weakest at scope and exposition; it's a good game and a fun puzzler if not the must-have title I'd hoped it would be.
Cosmonius High Meta Quest Review
In Cosmonious High, the player, usually referred to by some variation of 'New kid', is the first enrollee from the 'Prismi' species at the eponymous intergalactic institution.
Tale of Onogoro Meta Quest Review
The Tale of Onogoro is far from the first game to suffer from a disparity between gameplay and story. In fact, it's a constant challenge in the medium that only the very best games even come close to getting right.
Unbinary Meta Quest Review
Unbinary is a reasonably slick escape room puzzler with a few unique twists and a flair for story and style. It's brief enough not to wear out its welcome but so easy to complete that any competent puzzle solvers will feel cheated.
Skybinder Meta Quest Review
The difficulty curve is masterful. Skybinder handles the progress from the initial puzzles, made of less than a dozen dots, to those, later on, that use more than a hundred without a hitch.
I expect you to die 2 quest review
I Expect you to Die 2 is a sequel that seems to effortlessly continue from the groundwork laid down in the original. While it doesn't offer much that pushes the game beyond its predecessor, it doesn't fall behind it in any way.
Carly and the Reaperman 59
In addition to solo mode, Carly and the Reaperman was designed to be entirely playable in co-op. On Quest, this means a friend can join your multiplayer game using a code and take over either Carly or the Reaperman.
Myst | Review 63
In Myst, there are locations to explore, books to read and switches and levers to pull, all opening up more of the same and revealing greater mysteries.
Cubism | Review 65
After living on SideQuest for a while, minimalistic puzzler Cubism finally got its real launch on the Oculus Store. We like it.