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Eye of the Temple | Review 65
Eye of the Temple is an immersive puzzler that perhaps relies a bit too heavily on its locomotion system to keep you entertained. It's rewarding, but brief, and could have used more variety.
Barbaria | Review 71
Barbaria is a great game that's a pleasure to play. It's not afraid to show attitude, and it carries itself with an endearing, whimsical stride.
Bobo VR M2 Plus Combo | Review 73
The Bobo VR M2 Plus strap is a great accessory for the Quest 2. It’s far superior to Meta’s own Elite Strap. It’s well-built, well-designed, and the hot-swappable batteries allow for almost infinite VR playtime.
GeekVR Q2 Pro Head Strap | Review 75
The GeekVR Q2 Pro strap has a good quality adjustment knob at the back to allow players to get the right fit, and I had no problems finding a position in the headset that gave me a good visual sweet spot and a comfortable wearing experience.
Above Average
Contractors VR | Review 81
It might have its feet in the real world, with grimy war-torn present-day environments and realistic weapons, but Contractors VR deliberately aims for a more immediate, Call of Duty-esque style of play.