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Layers of Fear VR | Review 61
Layers of Fear VR is a mediocre port on Quest. It does provide a few scary moments, a clever premise, and good sound design, however, at least on the Oculus Quest, Layers of Fear VR is also low-resolution and uncomfortable to play.
AudioShield | Review 73
AudioShield does a lot of things right, and the most prominent feature, although it has some issues, is the automapping of your own music.
Tetris Effect | Review 75
Released at a perfect time, with many of us struggling with the confines and uncertainly of lockdown due to COVID-19, Tetris Effect offers up a transportive, accessible and all-consuming slice of puzzling.
Lies Beneath | Review 79
From the off, it's clear that Lies Beneath has a very polished presentation. Conveyed in a distinctive cel-shaded, comic-strip fashion, it uses the tropes and framing of a graphic novel to tell its narrative and justify its graphical style.
Freediver: Triton Down | Review 81
Freediver: Triton Down attempts something more than the usual 'watching a shark swim past the cage' experiences, offering an exciting narrative married to unique swimming locomotion.