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Lost Recipes | Review 65
Lost Recipes guides the player through several recipes in an authentic, interactive historical kitchen while picking up a few info-taining facts about the local culture along the way.
Blade & Sorcery: Nomad | Review 79
Upon entering the world of Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, it becomes quickly apparent what you're there for. Not because the tutorial focuses on the combat (mainly because there isn't one), but because there is borderline nothing else to do.
It Lives!
Resident Evil 4 | Review 81
Every scene in Resident Evil 4 has been rethought by perceptive, talented people with enough respect and love for the original to make sure it comes to Quest in its best light.
Spacefolk City | Review 83
In the simplest terms, Spacefolk City is a City builder designed from the ground up for VR. You will need to harvest resources, build structures and monitor your populations' happiness to progress.
Clash of Chefs | Review 85
Clash of Chefs VR is as straightforward in its concept as a cooking game can be. The player embodies a floating set of hands positioned in a busy kitchen, surrounded by all the ingredients and equipment needed to create a range of meals and side dishes.