It Lives!
Resident Evil 4 | Review 65
Every scene in Resident Evil 4 has been rethought by perceptive, talented people with enough respect and love for the original to make sure it comes to Quest in its best light.
Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR | Review 67
Guns'n'Stories is mostly played from a fixed position and feels more like being designed for 3DOF use on devices like the Oculus Go. It's basically a wave shooter on rails without the rails, because you are tied down to one location per map.
Doctor Who: The Edge of Time launches for all high-end VR platforms in September 2019, as a production for BBC Studios. Explore the TARDIS and universe of Doctor Who without limitations, as the game will also be available on Oculus Quest — the next generation in untethered VR.
SWARM | Review 77
Swarm has you raining bullets into the fray whilst remaining cognizant of where you're tethered and where your next grapple needs to land!
Clash of Chefs | Review 79
Clash of Chefs VR is as straightforward in its concept as a cooking game can be. The player embodies a floating set of hands positioned in a busy kitchen, surrounded by all the ingredients and equipment needed to create a range of meals and side dishes.