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Carly and the Reaperman 63
In addition to solo mode, Carly and the Reaperman was designed to be entirely playable in co-op. On Quest, this means a friend can join your multiplayer game using a code and take over either Carly or the Reaperman.
Onward | Review 65
There are moments when you're creeping forward with some friends, checking those corners, acting as a team when there are glimmers of the game Onward should be, but these are swamped by all the mistakes and deficiencies present.
The Last Clockwinder | Review 67
With great core mechanics, a fun concept, and a great art style, The Last Clockwinder is weakest at scope and exposition; it's a good game and a fun puzzler if not the must-have title I'd hoped it would be.
Ice Cream
Pixel Ripped 1995 | Review 71
There are two worlds in Pixel Ripped 1995. One is the 'real' world of 1995, represented in cute 3D animated fashion, like an early Pixar production, and the other is the world of the game inside the game, Pixel Ripped.
Sniper Elite VR | Review 73
There is a distinct and rewarding whiff of quality to Sniper Elite VR from the moment it loads. Good, crisp, and well-designed menus make it quite clear that the developers have taken things seriously.
Dash Dash World | Review 77
Dash Dash World is a light-hearted extravaganza of a racing game. Each of the 11 courses offers a highly stylised circuit to race around strewn with unique obstacles and an assortment of powerups.
Lies Beneath | Review 81
From the off, it's clear that Lies Beneath has a very polished presentation. Conveyed in a distinctive cel-shaded, comic-strip fashion, it uses the tropes and framing of a graphic novel to tell its narrative and justify its graphical style.
Space Channel 5 | Review 83
Space Channel 5: Kinda Funky News Flash! feels out of place in the Quest library. It contributes very little to an already crowded genre and yet manages to somehow underachieve in every conceivable way.
Crashland | Review 85
Crashland takes the wave shooter's timeless VR trope and fills it with so much style and substance that it feels almost ready to burst.