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On Point
Holopoint | Review 65
Holopoint is a real workout of a game. You need to be very active and have a large play space to even have a hope of getting past the first few waves.
OhShape | Review 71
With OhShape you make shapes to fit through holes in virtual walls, pluck coins out of mid-air, and punch through barriers while ducking and strafing to avoid obstacles!
Prison Boss VR | Review 75
Prison Boss VR starts off funny enough. The tutorial has you watching some black and white "movies" via projector, which will walk you through the basics of crafting contraband smokes.
Myst | Review 79
In Myst, there are locations to explore, books to read and switches and levers to pull, all opening up more of the same and revealing greater mysteries.
Layers of Fear VR | Review 81
Layers of Fear VR is a mediocre port on Quest. It does provide a few scary moments, a clever premise, and good sound design, however, at least on the Oculus Quest, Layers of Fear VR is also low-resolution and uncomfortable to play.
Guardians VR | App Lab Review 83
The combat is fast and fun, and the strategic elements are light and engaging. While Guardians VR contains tactical components, make no mistake, this is an action game at heart.