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Robo Recall
The Oculus Quest is an impressive piece of technology, and it seems fitting that in anticipation of the Matrix or Terminator-style robo-pressive future we are creating for ourselves, a bit of self-defense training is required.
Unbinary Meta Quest Review
Unbinary is a reasonably slick escape room puzzler with a few unique twists and a flair for story and style. It's brief enough not to wear out its welcome but so easy to complete that any competent puzzle solvers will feel cheated.
End Space | Review 63
End Space arrives on Oculus Quest's official storefront as the first space dogfighting sim for the system. That, to some players, will count for a lot.
Red Pill
Rez Infinite | Review 65
The setting for Rez Infinite is a perfect fit for VR. The game tasks players to fly through this virtual space destroying the nefarious viral infection.