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Mothergunship Forge Meta Quest Review
Mothergunship: Forge has a really great gun crafting mechanic. Sadly, instead of working that incredibly cool idea into a game where it can shine, the developers buried it inside a rehashed corpse of Space Pirate Trainer.
Sniper Elite VR Meta Quest Review
There is a distinct and rewarding whiff of quality to Sniper Elite VR from the moment it loads. Good, crisp, and well-designed menus make it quite clear that the developers have taken things seriously.
Shooty Fruity | Review 65
Shooty Fruity puts you in the position of a new employee at Megamart, you're given a series of retail-related tasks and, of course, an industry-standard arsenal of weaponry and power-ups.
Above Average
Contractors VR | Review 67
It might have its feet in the real world, with grimy war-torn present-day environments and realistic weapons, but Contractors VR deliberately aims for a more immediate, Call of Duty-esque style of play.
In Death: Unchained | Re-Reviewed 69
In Death: Unchained is the Quest iteration of one of PCVR's best-kept secrets. It's a spooky archery game that's been given a lick of paint and additional content and has shaken off its earthly cables.