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Onward | Review 59
There are moments when you're creeping forward with some friends, checking those corners, acting as a team when there are glimmers of the game Onward should be, but these are swamped by all the mistakes and deficiencies present.
On Point
Holopoint | Review 61
Holopoint is a real workout of a game. You need to be very active and have a large play space to even have a hope of getting past the first few waves.
Audica | Review 67
Rather than trying to put you in the shoes of a guitar god, Audica goes for the kind of healthy abstraction first deployed in Amplitude.
Shooty Fruity | Review 69
Shooty Fruity puts you in the position of a new employee at Megamart, you're given a series of retail-related tasks and, of course, an industry-standard arsenal of weaponry and power-ups.
Into the Radius Meta Quest 2
Whilst by this point, the post-apocalyptic Russian setting is in danger of becoming a familiar trope, the distorted reality of Into the Radius presents a slightly fresher take on it.
The Light Brigade | Review 71
With atmospheric visuals and excellent sound design, a good variety of levels, and engaging boss battles, The Light Brigade is an excellent addition to the Meta Quest gaming library.
Red Pill
Rez Infinite | Review 73
The setting for Rez Infinite is a perfect fit for VR. The game tasks players to fly through this virtual space destroying the nefarious viral infection.