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Tetris Effect | Review 61
Released at a perfect time, with many of us struggling with the confines and uncertainly of lockdown due to COVID-19, Tetris Effect offers up a transportive, accessible and all-consuming slice of puzzling.
Affected: The Manor | Review 65
Despite behaving more like an Oculus Go game, with its limited gameplay making it, essentially, an interactive 360-degree video, walking through the hauntingly hollow hallways of Affected: The Manor has you constantly on edge and ready to take flight if any of those statues so much as blink.
Ghost Giant | Review 67
In Ghost Giant, possibly more than any other game on the Quest to date save Shadow Point, the inquisitive revelation of the narrative is the whole experience.
Fail Factory | Review 69
What's most surprising about Fail Factory, apart from the general air of quality that the game exudes, is the way the difficulty fairly but comprehensively increases as you progress.