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Silhouette | Review 57
Priced at just $9.99, Silhouette will keep you busy for 3–4 hours, more or less, even if some of that time is wasted on occasional hand-tracking issues.
Colossal Cave | Review 59
Colossal Cave is a colossal bore. It's a point-and-click port of a text-based game that refuses to acknowledge the medium to which it's been ported.
The Last Clockwinder Meta Quest Review
With great core mechanics, a fun concept, and a great art style, The Last Clockwinder is weakest at scope and exposition; it's a good game and a fun puzzler if not the must-have title I'd hoped it would be.
Tale of Onogoro Meta Quest Review
The Tale of Onogoro is far from the first game to suffer from a disparity between gameplay and story. In fact, it's a constant challenge in the medium that only the very best games even come close to getting right.
Vox Machinae VR Review
In addition to the primary single-player campaign is the original core gameplay of Vox Machinae. By that, I am referring to the incredibly well thought out and delivered multiplayer mode, which is, without a doubt, the real star of the show.
Spacefolk City | Review 65
In the simplest terms, Spacefolk City is a City builder designed from the ground up for VR. You will need to harvest resources, build structures and monitor your populations' happiness to progress.
Skybinder Meta Quest Review
The difficulty curve is masterful. Skybinder handles the progress from the initial puzzles, made of less than a dozen dots, to those, later on, that use more than a hundred without a hitch.
I expect you to die 2 quest review
I Expect you to Die 2 is a sequel that seems to effortlessly continue from the groundwork laid down in the original. While it doesn't offer much that pushes the game beyond its predecessor, it doesn't fall behind it in any way.